The following license agreement is granted for all sound libraries purchased through the website and on Bandcamp and any free library we might have available to download for you as an individual or as company owner with up to 10 employers.




After purchasing one or all of the above named sound effects library, Outer Fields grants the Licensee (You), a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use all or any of the sound effects laid out in this agreement.




1) Licensee can use the licensed sound effects on an unlimited number of projects for the entirety of their lifetime.

2) Licensee can use the licensed sound effects for personal and commercial projects without attribution to Outer Fields (see exceptions below)

3) Licensee can use the licensed sound effects for synchronization for audio and visual projects without limitations.


These projects can be the following:


  • Films, television, radio, and documentaries (credits appreciated)
  • Commercials (credits appreciated)
  • Kontakt Sound Libraries ( No original sounds)
  • Virtual Instruments (No original sounds)
  • Video games (credits appreciated)
  • Podcasts and audio dramas (credits appreciated)
  • Applications including software (No original sounds)
  • YouTube productions (No original sounds to create long videos)
  • Spotify ( No original sounds to create tracks)
  • Blogs and websites ( original sounds with credits)
  • School, university projects especially for audio students (credits appreciated)
  • Prisons (credits appreciated)
  • Concerts, theater or even live events (Djs) ( No original sounds)
  • Prototype projects ( No original sounds)
  • Royalty-Free for any musical compositions  (with field recording credits)


4) Licensee can redesign the licensed sound effects & sell them without attribution or royalties to Outer Fields but cannot sell any of the original sounds if they are not heavily modified.




1) Licensee can’t sell any of the licensed sound effects in its original form for commercial gain & claim ownership.

2) Licensee can’t upload any of the licensed sound effects in its original form to YouTube, Spotify or any other media platform, claim ownership or for commercial gain!

3) If Licensee is a professional sound library company, app developer for virtual instruments, kontakt or plugins and likes to use our original sound effects & ambience recordings for commercial gain, we always offer non exclusive payouts. Please message us at




Outer Fields shall take the utmost care over the creation and maintenance of files and content. Nevertheless, Outer Fields can’t offer a guarantee that files and content are suitable to and correct for the concrete requirements of the customer.

The customer selects and uses files and content according to the specifications that are part of every product description.

Outer Fields shall, therefore, accept no liability for incorrect usage of files and content.

Files and content made available by Outer Fields serve as a recommendation only. They do not, in any case, constitute a substitute for the specialist qualifications the customer requires in order to work with the files and content provided. The customer shall, therefore, take legal and other specialist advice prior to using files and content if required. If the customer neglects to do so and damage occurs, as a result, Outer Fields shall again be excluded from liability for those damages.




In some cases, Outer Fields may provide the customer with links to third-party websites and/or partner offers. Outer Fields has no control over their form and content and shall, therefore, accept no liability for the correctness, topicality, completeness, legality, and quality of the information made available. Links to other websites shall be provided solely for the convenience of portal users. Users who connect to third-party websites shall do so at their own risk.


Royalty-free & License-Free applies to all recordings that Outer Fields recorded & may not contain third party sounds that might appear in the background of some recordings. Make sure if you download sounds that contain third party sound effects that you use them at your own risk.